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How does it work?
Fun fact the active ingredient is a sugar formula derived from Sugar Beets. You can think of it like cutting open an apple. Although this gives you a visual of the reaction, the reaction is actually "the Mallard Reaction". As the DHA (dihydroxyacetone) is applied to the skin, it interacts with the amino proteins in the skin. This reaction will be visible 24 hours later once cosmetic layer is rinsed off. 

Is it safe?
It is 100% safe and FDA approved. Sine the 1960's sunless tanning has been on the market and approved by the FDA for topical application. It was first discovered in the medical field. As a result, extensive studies were conducted on the product.

How long does an appointment take?
Under 30 mins for first time clients. Average appointment time is 20 minutes

What is the difference between classic and rapid?
The rapid tan requires less time on the skin for the same results as the classic tan. In general, the classic should be worn for 8-16 hours and the rapid should be applied with a rinse time of 1-5 hours.   

How long before I can shower?
For the classic tan, it is best to stay in the solution for 8-16 hours. 12 being the sweet spot. Make sure to use warm water only for the first rinse and to push bronzer from your skin. Follow the instructions we provided you if you received rapid.  

How long will my tan last?
Generally, 7-10 days. Care should be taken before and after treatment to ensure results last. Making sure you moisturize daily and exfoliating properly is the best method!

When should I book?
24 hours prior is always best for complete development of the tan. 
Are you going on vacation? If yes, its best to get the spray tan 24hours prior to take off. (IF you are taking a morning flight out, a PM appointment the night before is the best time) 
A special event should be 48 hours prior to the event. The spray tan consists of a makeup that may rub off before the first initial shower. This will allow for two showers to have passed and not missed any spots that could transfer the special event attire. 

Can I still shave?
If you wish to shave with your spray tan, be extra gentle on the surface and use minimal strokes. Shaving is exfoliating. 

What should I wear during?
How you go into the tent is up too you. We do provide an elevated service by offering disposable intimates free of charge. 

What should I wear after?
Loose, dark colored sweats, water proof footwear with socks. It is recommended to bring an umbrella if raining. 

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